Suffolk Coast Walks 2

Just to update the previous post – Nick Marsh, countryside officer at Suffolk Coast and Heaths AONB, went on BBC Radio Suffolk a couple of days ago to talk about my new Cicerone guide and the walking potential that the Suffolk coastal region offers. You can listen again here (fast-forward to around 2:37). It is available online until March 5.

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5 Responses to Suffolk Coast Walks 2

  1. elaine plumb says:

    looking at the stour and orwell walk is the section 3 from the orwell bridge to pin mill really 10 miles long? it doesn’t look it on the map

    • I’m sorry I cannot answer that confidently at the moment as I am in Kyrgyzstan (!) without my Suffolk book or maps. It does meander quite a bit and it might well be 10 miles from the northern side of the bridge. I will be able to give you a better answer when I get home in early July.
      All the best, Laurence

      • Back at home now and checking the book. I agree – it is unlikely to be 10 miles. This, I think, is a typo and the distance is more likely to be 10 kilometres. Thank you for pointing this out.

      • elaine plumb says:

        Many thanks for getting back to me, I hope you had a great trip. That seems more realistic; I did wonder if it was 10 including the optional Ipswich Loop shown at the end of the previous section, but either way it gives me a better idea to break down into realistic stages (we have followed the first stage as far as Levenden Marina having previously done ‘the loop’ and bridge W to E as a circular; looking forward to views on return) and after completion hope to start The Sandlings in the Autumn (walked in sections on Sundays when all 6 of us are available).

  2. I do hope you enjoy The Sandlings Walk when you do it in the autumn – it will give you a different perspective on Suffolk seen a little way inland from the coast.

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